The Lore

the lore

Its been nearly three decades since the Great Comet destroyed Amphibula. With each passing year, those that survived the fall of Amphibula remember and mourn the lives lost on the anniversary of that dreaded day. Friends, family, and loved ones are paid respects with croaks of anguish and ribbits of regret. Now, residing on the planet of Croakeurica 7, the Frog Frens space alliance has sprawled the swamps and forests and done their best to make this new land feel like home. With the days of searching, space travel, and food rationing behind them, the Frog Frens have implemented their advanced technologies and knowledge onto Croakeurica 7.

"Our technicians are making quick work of their shielding and swamp-sweeping assignments, sir," says Admiral Frogbourne. He stands with perfect posture as he swipes through his tablet. "Also, sir, the council was hoping you could say a few words tonight at the memorial, as is—"

"Well, I'm never one to let down the council am I, admiral?" General Pepian interrupts dryly.

Frogbournesmirks, "Never, sir."

“That’ll beall for now, old friend.”

"Very well, sir." Admiral Frogbourne exists in the tent. General Pepian leans back in his chair. Maps and charts of Croakeurica 7 surround him. Plans of defensive fortifications and terrain analysis riddle his desk, screens that line the walls of the tent display years of work and planning. With one remote click, Pepian turns off all of the screens and rubs his forehead.

For years now, General Pepain and the frogs that serve under him have been doing everything they can to establish a safe planet, something that mimics the Amphibula of old. From force fields to swampdar, anything and everything that can bolster the defense of the Frog Frens is utilized. General Pepian's leadership solidified long ago on Amphibula when a swarm of mutated owls attacked the capital. Pepian, a private at the time, showed unprecedented bravery as he warded off hoards of owls, protecting the princess and her staff. The hazardous conditions on Amphibula would offer Pepian many more tests throughout his tenure in the service. As he displayed his prestige and honor with each test, he climbed the military's ranks and now serves as its commander. But Croakeurica 7 is no Amphibula. Since the Frog Frens landed on this planet, there has not been a single threat north of murky drinking water.

565 days since arrival - the sun sets over the canopy. A small fox drinks from a pool just a few miles from a Frog Frens camp. His tongue warps the dim reflection of the greenery above with each sip. Gradually, as the ripples expand to the edges of the small pool, the waters become more tumultuous. The fox scurries away as a thumping set in. Bubbles now rise to the surface, and the water begins to splash. The thumping speeds up. Steam now releases from the pool as the water's temperature rises. Suddenly, out from the water emerges a metal sphere...

THE LORE by Jake Foushee and Nick Sawyer